Wednesday, March 27, 2013

where is spring

It's another bitterly cold entry into spring here in western new york. What should be a time for warmer temps, buds on trees, and a brighter wardrobe has turned in to lake effect snow, sweaters, and sunless tanner. Easter is right around the corner, and I'm still using my snow brush daily. I heard even Punxsutawney Phil is getting some flak for his 'spring prediction'.

I am beyond ready for spring! The florals, pinks, oranges, have all begun to make their way into my closet only to sit, hoping for a 50 degree day. At this point, I'll even take a 40 degree day with a bit of sunshine to put me in the spring spirit! I'm coping by buying new clothes, sunglasses, and bronzer. But, I don't think it's working that well...

How are you getting over your winter blues?


  1. I was thinking that NYC didn't get the Spring memo recently, but today the sun is out and shining and slowly, I think we are getting there! :)

    Welcome to blogland!!! You are adorable, and thank you for stopping by my little blog, yours is lovely!!!

    I hope you are having a Wonderful Wednesday, Lauren!!! <3

  2. Hot chocolate and candles :)
    I'm still in winter mode hehe xx