Monday, April 1, 2013

april showers

April greeted me with a lovely snow shower this morning. Can you believe it's April already?! I work at a college, and once April begins, the school year is basically over. Time just seems to fly by in the spring semester.

This month is all about the sunshine, flowers, and dresses. Granted, there is none of that right now, but I'm not letting that stop me from bringing out my spring work clothes. One of my favorite looks for spring is Lauren Conrad's LC line at Kohl's (love the dress above). I find her style very feminine and classy, which is exactly what I like. I'm also loving white and gold. I just bought a pair of flats and a bag from ShoeDazzle's Carte Blanche collection (the emmalina & milpas).

How are you prepping for spring?


  1. I saw you were my newest follower and had to come by and say hello! Your blog is adorable! Lauren Conrad's line is dangerous...I avoid Kohl's when I don't want to spend money because I love all of her things! Now following you back. :)

  2. I love the dress, it's so pretty :)

  3. I love how bright and colorful your blog is! It's perfect for Spring! Lauren Conrad does have the cutest clothes, she's one of the reasons I love Kohls so much lol

    Newest follower


  4. LC's clothes are super cute, although most of the time they're too big for me, and by big I mean long. (I'm a shorty). I might have to stop by Kohl's sometime this week though just to try some on again just in case!

  5. Hey sista face just poppin in to say hello! So nice to meet you, you have a fantastic blog here. Cant wait to follow along.
    Have a fantastic week!