Thursday, April 11, 2013

tech talk: those apps

I enjoy discovering new apps for my ipod. I'll often browse through the top free apps to find something new. But, it tends to get deleted soon after. I get bored easily if it's not something I can use regularly. Currently, my top three apps have to be:
  • Pandora
    This isn't anything new, but I'm always finding new channels to listen to. I love that when we have friends over, I can just throw on a channel depending on the mood. I no longer have to keep up with downloading the latest music to my ipod, or creating mixes.

  • Fooducate
    This is an awesome app if you're trying to eat healthier. You can scan bar codes of food, and the app will give you a grade based on how healthy the product is. It's crazy finding out that some of your faves have really poor ratings. All of the nutritional facts are defined for each product, whether bad or good. The app even lists healthier alternatives for those products that have low ratings. Furthermore, if you scan a product that is not found in the database, they ask you to submit pictures of the product and nutrional facts so that it can be added.

  • SoundHound
    You know the feeling you get when you are racking your brain trying to figure out what song is being played? This app is the cure for that. It listens to a song being played, and gives you the artist, name, lyrics, preview clip, etc. It even keeps a history of the songs you've searched for, just in case you forget.

What are your favorite apps?

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