Wednesday, April 10, 2013

the only child

This is my little family. No siblings. No husband, yet. Just me. Growing up as an only child was something I really didn't mind. Though, I suppose early on I was always begging for a sibling. My parents tried to accommodate my request, but it didn't turn out. I didn't mind. My friend from college would later offer me one of her four brothers.

I somehow avoided the only child syndrome for most of my life, aside from a few snarky remarks from guys or my close friends. I grew up having to entertain myself all of the time. This led to my sense of creativity, at least I think so, but also led to my habit of talking to myself. I grew up doing my own thing because I was the only one around. I continue to do my own thing now, but my friends try frantically to find me when I leave the group without telling anyone where I'm going. I speak to my parents daily, even when we have nothing to talk about, and my mom literally sits on the phone eating and watching tv. There's just no other child to call.

My friend had a baby this past year. While she was pregnant, she asked me how I felt about being an only child since they were wondering about how their baby would be without any siblings. I told her I wouldn't have it any other way. And I really wouldn't.


  1. Love this. I was only child until I was 16, when my mom adopted my ( now 13 year-old) sister from Russia and later on in life I acquired a (now 14-year-old) step-sister. So, I can definitely relate to being an only child and I agree 100% that I owe all of my creativity to my only-childhood haha.

    The weird things I did to entertain myself... my bf was just laughing at me earlier this week when i told him I would play hungry hungry hippos against myself when I was little by using both of my hands and reaching around to the other side with my feet to work all of the hippos HA!

  2. You have a beautiful family!! I have a younger brother whose 13 months younger than I am and I remember we used to fight every single day, multiple times a day so you're lucky you got to avoid that LOL!

    1. thank you! haha i don't know how you managed with your brother! i'm sure i would not have taken that very well hah.

  3. Hey girl! Just stumbled on your blog. I'm an only child too and share all those characteristics. Sometimes my friends drive me nuts when they ALWAYS want to hang out... I need my space!