Tuesday, April 16, 2013

thoughts are with boston

I couldn't think of anything today but writing about yet another national tragedy. It is so easy for me to curse the world we live in, to deem it a terrible place, and expect the absolute worst.

But, it’s the stories of heroes and goodness amongst the tragedies that I...we, need to focus on. People who rushed to save others, opened their homes, donated blood. For every victim, there are thousands more people coming to their aid. While this is one place experiencing severe trauma, there are hundreds of thousands more working to send help and donations their way.

As I've become older, gained perspective, experienced life, I have come to a better understanding of these attacks on our country. I grew up with Oklahoma City in middle school. Columbine and 9/11 in high school. Then Virginia Tech in college. Yet, I was still too young to fully grasp the severity of these situations. Only now have I started to realize just how terrible these events were, but also how the good in people can help to mend the hurt. It's the only way I can say that this world is still a good place.


  1. Exactly! We need to focus on how amazing the human race is when tragedy strikes and how close these things bring us in the end. If we focus on the good, the positive, and the LOVE that we have for one another then the world will fall into place. Thank you for this!

  2. Amen sister. This was such a good post. I found you through my bestie Julia's blog ^ yeah that girl above. Anyway cute adorable little blog. Newest follower!! :-)