Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the little things: dirty dishes

Let's be honest, there are many little things that get to us, annoy us, put a damper on our day just because they exist. Really, in the grand scheme of things, these minor nuisances are not a big deal. But, they can definitely make me complain, even when I try to have perspective. I mean, there are people out there dealing with major issues, life threatening matters, and I'm here whining about minute problems? Trust me, I feel ridiculous about it, but those little things can drive us crazy. So, I'm going to devote a reoccurring post to voice these complaints in the hopes that my sanity and outlook on life stay somewhat grounded…

Dirty dishes. I am in no way a "neat freak", even though I thoroughly enjoy a tidy space. When you're one of the only people responsible for your living space, you tend to like things a bit cleaner. Having lived with roommates for many years now, I've developed a serious dirty dishes complex. I can't stand when my roommate leaves a huge pile of dishes in the sink. I'm utterly disgusted by knives with globs of butter on them just lying there, begging to be cleaned. I just want to tell her why can't you simply clean a dish after you've used it? Why must it sit there for days collecting odd smells and food particles? Sometimes, I'll make a comment here or there, or leave soapy water in the sink as sign. Point not taken.

Feel free to vent with me!


  1. OMG--I was the same way about dishes when I had roommates! I would write passive aggressive messages and stick them on the fridge. LOL. It's weird because I'm definitely not a clean freak but something about dishes in the sink just screams "ROACH MAGNET!"

  2. I'm with you on dirty dishes. I also cannot stand unmade bed!

    The Grass Skirt

  3. I will admit it, I am a little bit of a clean freak but in the kitchen I am VERY much a clean freak. And you are right, dirty dishes in the sink are super gross. That ties a dirty microwave for me!

  4. I'm the same way with dishes. I just can't leave food out on my plate when I know it will be way harder to clean the next day. Why not just clean it off when you go to the sink? I feel your pain girl!

  5. Doing the dishes is BY FAR my least favorite household chore. Something about touching old, smelly dishwater and food sends me into instant dry heaves.