Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the post-grad life

This is a fitting topic since it's finals week here at the university I work at. I've talked a little about my graduation from grad school four years ago. My usual mantra for students these days is 'stay in school kids because the real world is terrible'. Usually, I'm joking, but oftentimes the post-grad life can seem a bit dreadful.

Finishing up college is kind of like a double edged sword. On one end, you're crying constantly because you'll never see most of these people ever again. While on the other, you won't have to pull an all nighter for class, or consume your evenings with homework. Your life changes pretty drastically. It took my body a long time to be able to get up before 8am every day, and stay awake for the entire 9-5 work-shift  The regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule took some adjusting to as well. Dinner at 5pm never seemed like a viable option before.

No longer will your financial worries be how many credits are left on your meal plan, or how many dollars do you have for $1 drinks on the weekend. No, in the real world, you're left worrying about the massive amount of student loans you'll need to pay off, and when your car/bank/apartment/everything else statements are due.

All kidding aside, the post-grad life isn't that bad. It does come with some much needed freedom. Ok, the routine may become monotonous: wake up, work, eat, watch tv, shower, sleep, repeat. But, the weekends are your best friend! The perfect escape, and reason to revert back to your college days...well, maybe just a little. ;)


  1. So very true! Although I was fortunate enough to stay in contact with most of the amazing people I met in University. And getting used to a routine was weird at first, but now I'm grateful to have. I never want to stay up all night studying ever again!

  2. graduating is very much a double edged sword! i finished my undergrad a year ago and i'm going back in a couple months. i like your mantra :)