Thursday, May 2, 2013

throwback: 90's board games

When I think back to the good ol' days of being a kid and playing board games, there are a specific few that come to mind. For pre-teens and teens in the 90's, board games featuring boys were all the rage. My friends and I were obsessed with gems like Dream Phone, Party Mania, Girl Talk, and Mall Madness.

Dream Phone was without a doubt our top favorite. I remember coveting the cards with the really cute boys, and laughing at the others we thought were geeky 'Jason'. I still to this day have Dan's number memorized 555-7777. I also frequently quote the game 'He’ll eat almost anything, except…' or 'I know who it is but I’m not telling HA HA'. The quotes are forever cemented in my memory, that's how much I played this game!

Party Mania was another one we constantly played. This state of the art game featured a VHS tape that you watched while using the pieces to move around the board. Two cute guys are trying to get you to go to their party later, but you have to do all of your chores first. It was pure cheese, borderline ridiculous, but it was the most addicting game back then!

A great idea for a ladies night is to bust out your old games and serve up some cocktails. We did this recently with Dream Phone, and could not stop laughing the entire night. Not only did we realize how our taste in men has definitely changed, but the 90's styling is pure entertainment. It was hilarious trying to remember how to actually play the game, and the fact that the new batteries died right before we were about to find out who our secret crush was.

What were some of your favorite 90's board games?


  1. Haha Dream Phone... have NOT thought of that in foreeever.

  2. LOL what a great post!! You totally brought my childhood memories right back. I remember playing Dream Phone at my friends' slumber parties and we'd get mad at one another when the "cute" one would call them and not us hahah