Thursday, May 23, 2013

throwback: kids books we read

First off, I had to include the ermahgerd goosebumps meme on here because I just recently discovered it. I kept seeing status updates/tweets with the word "ermahgerd " which I read as 'er - ma - har - gerd'. I thought that it was some sort of techie speak, only to find out it was the meme for goosebumps girl. I could not stop laughing as I tried to read aloud the different memes.

I am laughing as I type this now because I find it so hilarious, mostly because I was that girl! I collected Goosebumps books like it was my job. It was heavily documented in my elementary and middle school journals. The books even worked their way into my own writing, as my 7th grade writing class called me 'R.L. Lauren' because I only wrote scary stories. No joke, I was obsessed with ghost stories, horror, and twins (?). I would find out years later that my parents were somewhat scared of my creepy obsessions, and joked about speaking to someone about it.

I also absolutely loved the Boxcar Children series. I remember going to the library with my dad, picking out a Boxcar Children Cookbook, and begging him to make the recipes so I could live like them. Thinking about those books as an adult, I can't help but think 'what, how, huh' to these children, ages 6, 10, 12 and 14, living in a boxcar! Not to mention, the 14 year-old boy goes off to 'work' every day. It seems so ridiculous, but I remember needing to have every book in the series.

I wasn't as interested in the Babysitter's Club books, but I definitely remember them. My friends and I tried to start our own club, but the books don't mention that trying to call people for a babysitting job at the age of 12 is not an easy thing to do! I never missed an episode of the tv show on the disney channel, and happened to love the movie. 'The brain, the brain, the center of the chain' still comes to mind.

If you need a good read, you should check out the snark squad's childhood trauma section where they review some of the book series I mentioned. It's pretty funny!

What were some of your favorite books?

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  1. Yes! I loved Goosebumps and the Boxcar Children. Fearstreet was a big favourite of mine too.