Friday, May 31, 2013

weekly wrap-up: first impression rose

Though the work week was short, I'm still happy it's friday...

The premiere of Des' season of The Bachelorette. I've been watching The Bachelor franchise from the beginning back when I was in high school. I've now reached the sad point where the contestants are the same age, if not younger, as me. Scary. I don't know about you, but her crop of dudes seemed a bit lackluster in the personality and looks departments. I find Des very normal, and genuine, which usually means abc will be pulling out all the stops to throw in some cheating/game-changer shenanigans for ratings. And I can't wait.

A new ipod touch 5g (I've had the 4g for a few years now). It was an early birthday gift for my upcoming trips this summer. I am that person who is delaying getting a smart phone for as long as possible. I have a texting app on my ipod that basically turns it into an iphone as long as I have a wifi connection. I could use some app suggestions, what are your favorites?

Last week I talked about how the olay fresh effects shine cleanser was being unruly with my skin. I found the second culprit to be their BB cream. I had to give it to my roommate because my skin was continuing to have mini breakouts. Do you use BB cream, if so, which product do you love?

The kitten cam is back! This is the live feed of a foster kitten family. The pregnant mom was abandoned at a Petsmart. Her and her four kittens are absolutely adorable.




  1. Nominated you for a Liebster award! Head on over to my blog and check it out!

    - Heather :)

  2. are the bachelor's total losers or what? I'm thinking all guys are going on that show to become the next Bachelor now. But I'm still going to watch it :)

    hey, I'm your newest follower!

  3. that kitten cam is amazing! how fun!