Wednesday, June 5, 2013

tall girl problems

Last week in my abc's of me post, there were a few comments about my height. Tallness can have its perks, but I can find just as many negatives…

Guys can't handle it. Not all of them of course, just the ones who are shorter. In my experience, or so they've told me, they find my height emasculating, intimidating, and/pr not needed (especially if I'm wearing heels that send me over 6 feet). I had a guy tell me that I didn't need the heels.

Finding pants that fit. I'm with you petite girls on finding the perfect pair of pants. Sometimes, even the long sizes end up looking like floods. In college I had to order the special 35 inch inseam from alloy. I am able to buy regular pants, I just need to wear them as capris.

Making shorts/skirts/dresses look appropriate. Us tall girls can have some pretty long legs, and while that is great for some reasons, wearing anything that shows them off can get complicated. You may think I'm wearing really, really short shorts, but no, it's just my long legs that make the shorts look smaller than they actually are.

Back problems. I have trouble keeping my back straight, as my mom always likes to point out. I have this problem because I spent years hunching over to 'fit in' with the kids at school. I'm always crooked and leaning in my photos from middle and high school.

Children call you big. This happened the other month in target: a little girl was walking with her mom, saw me, and yelled 'momma that girl is BIG!'. I started laughing, and the mom, embarrassed, said 'honey, we don't say big, she's tall'. HA. I would also get that all the time in student teaching. My favorite was 'Miss K, you're as big as my dad'.

On the upside though…

Crowds. Since I can see clear over everyone, I'm the friend that snipes out the potential creeper or ex right away, and signals to the group that danger is nearby.

Being mistaken for a model. This doesn't happen all the time, but if you're tall sometimes people think you must model. I find it funny when they say it like this: 'do you model?' 'oh, no' 'well you're just so tall, I thought you would'. Notice that height appears to be the only requirement for modeling.

Reaching high places. I was the roommate who would be called upon to grab things in high places. At home, if my dad isn't around, my mother also uses me for this.

Scaring people. I have a desk job, so I greet people sitting down. Occasionally, I will have to stand in front of the person I'm helping, and when I get up, they have this startled look on their face. One person even told me he was not expecting me to be 'that tall'.

What are your tall/short/average girl problems??


  1. HAHA!! I absolutely LOVE this post! I'm tall too (5'9 1/2) and can relate to this whole thing!! I absolutely hate looking for pants, when I find a pair that is long enough I almost always buy it. I know I'm 23, but Hollister has been one of the only places that the jeans are long enough and still fit in the waist. Trying to find dress pants is a nightmare, I've only found 2 pairs that have been long enough.

    In college, I had a friend who was like 5'2 and her dresses were shirts on me, and my shirts were dresses on her, we actually borrowed eachother's clothes often just wearing them not how they were supposed to be worn!

    I remember in high school I'd come downstairs ready to go out with friends and my parents would say something about my shorts being too short. they wouldn't buy the whole "my legs just make them look that way!" excuse. I have frekaishly long legs, I measured them a long time ago, I think it was almost 4 feet, pretty ridic. but I am so glad that there is another person out there struggling and going through the same things as me!!


  2. At 5'9" tall, I can totally relate to this post! I remember in elementary school, one teacher always made us line up from shortest to tallest, so I was always the last one in the line. What kind of twisted mind does that? I'm also thin and usually wear a size medium so all of my sleeves on my shirts and sweaters wind up half way up my forearms after a few washings. I usually wear flats because I already feel like I hulk over most average height/shorter people and I don't really like standing out more than I already. I'd love to wear heels more often though. I guess I could, but I'm too self conscious. What's a tall girl to do? :)

  3. Hahaha YES! Love this. I friggen hate trying to shop for work-appropriate dresses. Sooo many options are ruled out because, well, they show my butt cheeks! HAHA

  4. I found your blog on the Blog Hop. I will definitely be checking in frequently now. :)