Thursday, June 6, 2013

throwback: the rebel years

You're probably thinking I'm talking about my teenage years, but nope, it appears my rebellion came at years three and four. Take the above pic for example, I wasn't messing around...

Mischievous look. Check.

Some sort of hand/arm symbol/possibly flipping off the camera. Double Check.

Long hair, don't care. Done.

Rough looking mom-cut-my-bangs. Not a problem.

Battle wounds. Yup.

Innocent looking enough that you wouldn't assume I was trouble. Got it.

Any trouble that I did cause, or anything bad that I may have done, was always the cat's fault. Always. I was indeed a rebel without a cause haha.

When were your rebel years?


  1. If a cute little girl with lacy anklets and Mary Jane shoes could look like a bad ass... you accomplished it!

  2. Haha, the battle wounds! Yes!!

  3. LOL!!! my favorite is the battle wounds. i too, was COVERED in bruises on my legs from ages 4-27.... LOL