Thursday, June 20, 2013

throwback: that one time at summer camp

I only went to summer camp once in my life, and that turned out to be enough for me. Back in the fifth grade, my best friend and I decided to attend a week long summer camp. I had actually won $500 on a scratch off lottery ticket that year which helped pay for my trip, as well as a new bike, and my parent's bills.

Camp started off swell. We chose our own bed, met the girls in our bunk, and drank bug juice. We were able to choose the activities that we wanted to do each day. The first of my troubles began when I chose baton twirling. Why I chose this, I have no idea. But, I left with a bump on my head when I threw the baton in the air, and my face caught it. Next up, my allergies were taking over my life. I coughed violently throughout each night until our bunk leader would wake me up and take me to the nurse for my medicine. Then we had horseback riding where I watched the horse in front of me poop the entire length of the trail. Nasty stuff for a kid who never rode a horse before.

Finally, we had an overnight camping experience out in the woods. Now, I'm from the suburbs, I'm not used to country living, so when we reached our area, and were told to set up for the night, I expected tents and other amenities. Nope, we were sleeping in our sleeping bags, out in the open. I was terrified of bugs, monsters, and the darkness of the forest. I tried everything I could to protect myself that night. I tried to close up my entire sleeping bag, until I was too hot and could not breathe. I strategically created a small opening where my mouth and nose could get fresh air. I twisted and turned all night until it was morning. I then found spiders inside my sleeping bag. This has scarred me for life.

I don't often think of camp, but when I do, I try to imagine it like this...

I still know the Bug Juice theme song by heart.

Did you go to camp as a kid?


  1. lol... what year was this bug juice show on?! i've never heard of it!

  2. I would not have liked that experience either. I never got to go to camp. I did get put in Spanish class for one summer, where I learned absolutely nothing.

  3. This is my summer camp nightmare! I never went, this is why