Wednesday, July 31, 2013

dealing with loss

This may be a bit of a heavy post today, but writing has always been very therapeutic for me, more so than talking out loud about things with family or friends. This is probably why I enjoy the blogging community so much!

Loss is a difficult, very personal thing, for just about everyone. Currently, my grandfather is in hospice care for dementia. As soon as you hear the word hospice, it sets in that this situation will not have a positive result. He was diagnosed right before I left for my trip at the beginning of the month, so things have progressed very quickly. I'm fortunate that the only family members that I've ever lost are grandparents, which is why I tend to deal with loss in a somewhat positive light. I only know of deceased family members who had lived full, long lives. I couldn't even begin to imagine experiencing the loss of a loved one at a young age.

For me, while losing a grandparent is hard, I try to focus on the fact that I've had 27 years to be with them. Today just happens to be my grandfather's 80th birthday. That's decades worth of birthdays, or other events like weddings, graduations, births. My cousin gave him his first great-grandchild just a couple months ago. To me, that's a complete life. Yes, we are saddened at the thought of losing him, but at the same time, so much life was lived in 80 years. We have to be thankful for that.

It may be a personal question, but what helps you deal with the loss of a family member?


  1. sending you so much love and so many prayers, sweet friend!! loss is never easy, but remembering the good times and the joyful moments always help!

  2. So sorry to hear about your grandfather! Thinking of you. I always try to remember the good times, and cherish those!

  3. thinking of you during this time. Keep your head held high and remember the good stuff!!!
    I like you have only dealt with loosing grandparents (I recently lost my gpa, but I still have 3 grandparents left...and I am 29 - so I guess I am super lucky!). My best advice would be to remember the good things and the good times you have had together. The smiles and the laughs and the joy that he brought you and your family.


  4. I am so sorry to hear this! Losing someone close to us is so hard, but all you can do is look back at the good times and be thankful for having that person in your life


  5. Writing has always been therapeutic for me, too, thank you so much for sharing this! I have to say, I really admire how you are looking at this and how you see it as the many years you did get together! I lost both my grandparents when I was young and the other two died before I was even born, so, I always find something special in those people who have gotten more time with theirs and still have theirs around, I never really knew that. Dementia is such a hard disease, and I can only imagine how difficult it must be, but love how you are taking a positive outlook on it the best you can...sending extra hugs your way! :)

  6. Losing a loved one is so hard and finding a way to cope can be so difficult. But through time it all gets better and when you remember all the memories together things get easier. Someone's life in the present may be gone but there always with you in spirit. Continue to stay uplifted Pins & Macarons