Wednesday, July 3, 2013

for the love of social media

I consider my generation 'the lucky ones' because we know life before the rise of the internet and social media. We know the internet when it first came about, mostly through AOL. We played The Oregon Trail and Carmen San Diego in school, all crowding around one giant PC. We know messaging as writing notes in class, and folding them into weird shapes. We know what dial-up, floppy disks, and DOS mode means. We can go a day or two, hopefully, without connection to the internet...maybe.

When it comes to social media, I tend to have a love-semi-hate relationship with it. The semi-hate mostly comes from facebook. Oh, how I long for the days of college student access only. I cringe at the fact that my 12 year old cousin friended me with all of her selfies and mirror picks. But, I wouldn't have been invited to my ten year high school reunion if it weren't for the connections of the FB.

The love comes from twitter and instagram. I find twitter hilarious, and enjoy pretending to be artsy with instagram. I've recently taken up following celebrities just to see the personal pics they post. It makes me seem like I'm one of their friends, which sounds very creepy, even as I type this...

However, since I'm going away for a few weeks, I thought I'd stay connected with you all and your blogs through twitter and instagram! Now, I should preface this: these are my personal accounts which are in no way affiliated with my blog. Actually, none of my friends even know I blog, strange, I know.

Also, my tweets are mostly about hockey, so you've been warned haha. If all of that did not somehow deter you, and you want to follow along with my London travels, feel free to find me at:

TWITTER: @oheylk

Which forms of social media are your faves?

Interesting tidbit: I saw a preview for a documentary called Sexy Baby, which is about girls struggling with growing up in an all digital age. The life they know only exists in a digital world, and they don't have anyone to teach them how to get through that. It's crazy to think about, especially with cyber bullying, stalking, and many of the dangers young kids can face daily online.


  1. Yay! Following you on Twitter and Instagram now!

    I dislike so much of what Facebook has become. I also disliked how addicted I became with it.

    I totally remember the days of Carmen San Diego. That game was so much fun!

  2. My how things change...I'm glad I didn't grow up in the social media craze either, but I do love instagram. Going to find you now. :)