Monday, August 12, 2013

another day, another year older

Well, it's that time of year again. I'm older. 28 to be exact, and that really pains me to say. I can't be 28, can I? I feel about 24. I was the only one who got IDed at the wedding this weekend. Even the bartender said 'oh, good for you'?

Yup, 28 years ago, about this time, I was coming out the wrong way. Some things don't change. I plan on having a nice dinner with my friends, probably a summer shandy or two, and then in bed by 10:30. Things have come a long way from the big, birthday bashes of my early twenties. And I'm perfectly ok with that haha!

So, here's to making 28 feel like a better 27!


  1. Happy Birthday have a brilliant day

    Carrieanne x

  2. Happy birthday! Here's to making 28 look as good as 21. Except maybe with the hangover.



  3. Happy birthday!!! Sometimes quiet birthday celebrations are the best. :)