Tuesday, August 6, 2013

that bachelorette finale...

Let's talk about the emotional roller coaster that was The Bachelorette finale last night. If you haven't watched it yet, read no further, and turn on your DVR!

Last we left Des, she was a mess over Brooks' sudden departure. If you're spoiler crazy like I am, you probably read Reality Steve, and knew that he announced Brooks as the winner months ago. With Brooks and his crazy hair out of the picture, Des' default final two were Drew, who oddly resembles a prettier version of JTT, and Chris, the goofy, adorable 'poet'.

After watching how crushed Des was by Brooks reacting like any normal person who had only been dating a girl for a few weeks, I wasn't sure how she could go on with either of the two remaining guys. But, she managed. It must have been really difficult when both were constantly professing their love and affection.

In the end, and after way too many tears (I even began to tear up at one point!), she, again by somewhat of a default, chose Chris.

Now, the After the Final Rose special aired right after, and I have to be honest, I thought Chris Harrison was really going after Des with all of the Brooks talk. He was making it seem like Chris was an afterthought, and not really her first choice. Though, Des did an ok job explaining her actions, I thought they really put her in an uncomfortable, awkward spot.

And then, the biggest news of the night, which left me shouting his name throughout my house: JUAN PABLO is the next bachelor!..
 and I'm starting my application now haha

What did you think of the finale?? Were you shocked by that outcome?

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  1. I am sooooo happy that they chose Juan Pablo!