Thursday, August 8, 2013

things i should have learned in school but didn't

There are many things I probably should have learned in all my years of schooling, but here are just a few...


Counting, numbers, ya know, basic math. 
I think it's true that if you don't learn math a young age, you just never will. I'm so terrible at it that it's embarrassing. My fingers help me, but only for low numbers. I can't count in my head, I have to draw it out in the air. Sad.

The real story of Christopher Columbus.
Yea, we dressed as pilgrims and native americans, broke bread, and had a fun meal on the floor. But, they left out that tiny bit about how Columbus was a cruel, violent man. Read about it here. When I heard the real story in one of my college education classes, the entire class was outraged because we never knew!


Another language.
Nothing makes me feel less educated and less worldly, than going overseas and seeing small children speaking multiple languages. Sometimes, I can't even speak my own!


Practical things.
We should have skipped over all of the state-wide exams and honors classes, and just learned how to be a functioning adult. I definitely could have used a course on stuff like writing a check, doing laundry, how to fill out paperwork, or how to not do stupid things.


A bachelor's degree means you can now get an entry level job...maybe.
All that work you did for four years to get that degree, and then they tell us you could get a job, but it's probably best to go on to grad school, because then you'll really get a job! Rigghhht. Jenna Marbles sums this one up pretty well...

What should you have learned in school??


  1. They really, REALLY should teach a high school class on real-world topics. Likkkkke, how to open a bank account. What's a 401K? How not to open a credit card and rack up massive piles of debt! Etc

  2. I am right there with you that I hate math and I am terrible at it (thank you iphone) And I agree with Tami - real world stuff would have been nice to know!

  3. Amen! Spent thousands of dollars on getting my bachelors, and then they say a bachelors is the new high school diploma?! Greeeeat.