Thursday, August 22, 2013

throwback: going off to college

This week, ten years ago (?!?), my friends helped me move in to my freshman dorm. TEN YEARS! This is so crazy to me, because it feels like only a few years ago I was moving out on my own, ready to try new things, and meet new people.

Thinking back, this time in my life was the most thrilling and exciting. Every single thing I did was a new experience. I haven't felt that level of good anxiousness since. Typing this almost brings it back, almost.

While I moved away to college, my closest friends from high school (in the pic above) did not. No one really prepared me for the balancing act that would become my 'college' friends and my 'home' friends. There was a fine line that I had to walk by not talking about college too much while home, and trying to keep home and college separate.

I'll never forget that feeling of packing up the car to head off to college, my mom crying about her only child leaving home, and my dad trying to carry all of my heavy stuff up flights of stairs. Luckily, I work at my alma mater, and can watch the kids move in every year. Watching them always brings the memories back.

What are some of your favorite memories from your first year of college?


  1. Did you still stay friends with your high school friends when you went off to college? I found that I made new friends in University and lost the friends I had in high school. But, I was okay with that because my University friends had the same goals I did while most of my high school friends had .. well .. no goals.

  2. Sigh I loved college! I kept about 3 really close friends from high school and they all became really great friends with my college friends. It was a win win!