Monday, August 26, 2013

vmas: a 'what did i just watch' kind of night

Well, that was something last night. Let's start off with the bad...

Oh my. What happened to this child? I try to like her, but then she goes and does something like this, and I lose all hope. We get it. You're not on disney anymore, but this over-the-top-trying-too-hard-sexy is just not working for you. All I can say is run Liam, run.

But, there was some good...

I enjoy gaga's performances. She was great live when I saw her in concert a couple years ago. I do like her new song, even though she's getting some odd backlash for it. I'm also happy to see her looking fit and healthy. She looked great in the seashell outfit.

And the best was yet to come...

This was the best performance I've ever seen on the VMAs. Not only did he sing all of my favorites, he brought back nsync. I repeat, NSYNC! I squealed like my former 14 year old self at an nsync concert, the one where I was convinced lance waved to me. Yes, they may have only been on for 30 seconds, but it was the best 30 seconds of my adult life.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite performances of all vma-time:

What did you think of the VMAs?


  1. That Britney/NSYNC performance is one of my all-time favorites!Sometimes I wish it could just be 2001 again, haha.

  2. OMG - I totally forgot about that performance. Maybe MTV needs to take a que from what they used to do! Miley...yuck! JT made up for it though. And even though NSYNC only reunited for 30 was good!

  3. I am with you on Jt and Nsync! I do wish they would have done more Nsync songs but Justin def made up for it with that percormance!

  4. Man Britney Spears used to be so on her game!! Why did she have to go crazy?!

  5. seeing NSYNC was so fabulous, like my 10 year old dream! and yeah, miley is out.of.control. what happened to hannah montana?!?!

  6. I am still scratching my head over Miley's performance. WAY too desperate to shed her Hannah Montana image!
    The Grass Skirt

  7. I am scarred for life after seeing all that Miley thrusting. She is crazy. Thank goodness NSYNC saved the day! I was SO incredibly excited for that performance. Ah!

  8. Oh Miley. She needs a mother. But JT definitely redeemed the evening! :)