Friday, September 20, 2013

feel good friday: a mini makeover

On Saturday, I cut a lot of my hair off, and it felt SO good! It's shorter in the back, feels so much healthier, and is easier to wash/comb/dry/style. Forgive the above photo, I took it this morning while not quite awake and making my coffee.

If you're not up for making a drastic change, or don't want to spend a lot of money doing it, there are other things to give yourself a feel good mini-makeover:

  • Buy only one beauty product
    This I tend to do every week because I'm somewhat addicted to buying new products, but if I buy only one, I try to use it in different ways with the products I already have
  • Have a friend style your hair
  • Host one of those parties where you get free makeovers
  • Try out birchbox so you can get new goodies to test, only $10 a month
    I've been doing this for a couple years now, and love it
  • Watch beauty gurus on youtube for new ideas
  • Stop by the beauty stores in the mall and use their testers




  1. Great ideas! I'm always afraid to commit to anything new so I will definitely be trying your list out.


  2. I love receiving my birchbox I have found some pretty great products from it! Love the cut, I am cutting and coloring in two weeks and I am excited for an update!

  3. Love the new cut. :) It always feels good to treat yourself to something!

  4. cute hair! I wish I had the balls to cut my hair lol.

  5. you are so pretty! makeovers solve everything:)