Wednesday, September 4, 2013

misheard song lyrics

Unfortunately, I was not given the gift of music. I cannot sing, play an instrument, or, evidently, figure out lyrics. It can be pretty enlightening, and funny, when you come to the realization that you've been singing a song incorrectly for as long as you can remember. These are just a few of the gems I've had in the past:

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston
MY LYRIC: bittersweet man maurice
ACTUAL LYRIC: bittersweet memories

Not sure why I thought she was talking about a guy named maurice, but I just went with it.

Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty
MY LYRIC: running down the drain, the devil would come to me
ACTUAL LYRIC: runnin' down a dream, that never would come to me

I sang it that way until a couple years ago. I always thought he was talking about the sink drain.

Breakfast at Tiffany's by Deep Blue Something
MY LYRIC: and I said halifax, the one thing we've got
ACTUAL LYRIC: and I said well that's, the one thing we've got

My only defense here is that this song may have come out when I was in the 5th grade, and at the time we were learning about Canada.

Hot in Herre by Nelly
MY LYRIC: hot in, so hot it hurts
ACTUAL LYRIC: hot hot in herre

It kind of makes sense if you really think about it, haha.

Last Resort by Papa Roach
MY LYRIC: if I took my life tonight, chances are dynamite
ACTUAL LYRIC: if I took my life tonight, chances are that I might

Chances are explosive? I don't know.

What are some of your misheard song lyrics?


  1. This is hilarious! I am the same way, I always have to ask my boyfriend if I cant figure out a lyric on a song! My fave one I have messed up is IrreplaceablE by Beyonce. Instead of, "If I bought it please dont touch", I thought she said, "If I farted"....

  2. haha this is hilarious. i love when people sing words wrong and i am with them...BUSTED. Though I do it I have to think about the ones I sing wrong - cuz there's a lot of them!

  3. I seriously LOL'd at every single one of these. Hilarious!

    XOXO Fal

  4. Bitter sweet man Maurice is exactly how I sung it as kid too!

  5. HAHAHAHA! This is the best post ever! I'm listening to Demons by Imagine Dragons & just realizing that a fair amount of the lyrics are completely made up. Hell, I might have even thrown another language in there, too. I just really need to start looking up lyrics, it would save me some embarrassment!

  6. I love this...I definitely have lyrics I make up on my own all the time. My friends catch me and are like WHAT?! As long as it makes sense to you who cares? Haha.

  7. Lauren, I nominated you for the Leibster Award today on my blog!
    Check it out <3

    XOXO Fal