Wednesday, September 11, 2013

reflections: understanding this day

Though I may have been a junior in high school when 9/11 happened, I'm only just beginning to understand the severity of the attacks. Many of us were just kids, watching history happen on the televisions in school, but not fully understanding what it meant, the immense loss of life, nor the repercussions that we would feel for years to come.

For me, trying to comprehend what happened meant watching documentaries and reading articles well into my 20's, after completing college, and gaining some 'real world' experience. I have a completely new outlook on this day than I had when I was in my teens, because now, I can understand what happened 12 years ago.

If, like me, you were too young to fully realize the situation that was unfolding, there were many videos on youtube that I watched:

While I sometimes feel a bit morbid watching these videos, I find it extremely important to learn all that I can about a day that I witnessed on tv; learning about the lives of those lost, those left behind, and those who fought to protect our country.

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