Thursday, October 10, 2013

calling all spooky story submissions

I love a good 'real' ghost story; getting together, sharing tales, and feeling the goosebumps. It seems like so many people have spooky stories of their own encounters, or have heard ones that are so unbelieveable they must be shared...

Recently, my boss has been experiencing a few weird things in his office. First, his office is always significantly colder than the other offices in our area. The heating guys had to come and fix it, but it went back to being cold again. A couple weeks ago, we heard a crash from his room, a portrait had fallen off the wall and broke. He showed us that the picture was screwed into the wall. Finally, he's had dozens of flies in his room, near the windows, and up near the lights. The windows in our building do not open. This morning he came in to find his office was warm, and the flies were all dead by the window. 

He also told me that many years ago when he was living in another city, he had just purchased a home with his wife and young son. While in the basement, his wife was talking with the real estate agent, while the son was begging for her attention. She finally gave in, and asked what he wanted, and he said that there was a man with a dog standing near the fireplace. Another time, my boss came home, put his keys in the basket, and the next morning as he was leaving for work, he found his car key bent into a 'u' shape. 


I'm hoping you'll send me your stories, either your first-hand accounts or ones that were told to you, so that I can feature them here on the blog throughout the rest of October. 

If you've got a great story, please send me an email:!


  1. yikes. that gave me goosebumps. maybe he needs to call Gary Spivey!

  2. Oooh I love hearing creepy ghost encounter stories! I wish I had some of my own but I guess even ghosts don't think I'm interesting enough to haunt lol. Can't wait to hear more!

  3. Yikes! Those stories are creeeeeeepy, but very entertaining!!