Wednesday, October 9, 2013

fall boots

I LOVE boots! I'm obsessed. I can't stop buying new pairs. Boots are one of the best things about fall. The price of boots is probably one of the worst. That is, until I discovered shoedazzle. Don't worry, this isn't a sponsored post, I'm not that lucky!

Shoedazzle has really great prices on all kinds of boots; low, high, chunky, wedge, bootie. You name it, they have it. I signed up for a VIP account that puts $10 a month into my pot, gives me free shipping, and a VIP discount on all items. It's both fantastic and dangerous at the same time haha!


The Irene
I bought these in red, and must say they look a lot better than the picture. They are also more purple-y. They hit above the knee, but can be folded in to make them shorter.

The Noreen
I'm debating this one: brown vs. black. I just can't decide. But, I like how it's lower since all of my boots have a higher shaft. Decisions, decisions.

The Lindsey
I love a wedge for fall, and this boot has just that. I love the cognac brown color for fall. I have it in purse, coat, and boot versions.

The Charlene
I also love a good riding boot. I especially like the color of this one. The other thing I like about shoedazzle is that it gives outfit suggestions for each shoe.

What boots are you loving this fall?


  1. I love boots too! I need a good riding boot. I can't believe I don't have right now!

  2. haha I have a boots post scheduled for tomorrow. I swear I can't get enough!

  3. what?! how have i never checked out this site before? i have been looking around for boots, but just like you said SO EXPENSIVE. checking this out ASAP. thanks, girl!