Monday, October 21, 2013

that first date?

First dates are meant to be awkward, right? You're feeling the other person out, trying to ask the right questions, trying to get some information. I've mentioned it here before, I just don't go on dates. So, this weekend I had a legit first date…

To say I was nervous would be an understatement, but I wasn't necessarily nervous about the guy but more so about the date itself. What would we talk about? What if I'm not feeling it? What if it just feels all weirdly wrong? And the major feeling of "I just don’t do this very often".

The dinner went smoothly, and we had things to talk about since we went to college together. But, then we went back to my house to watch a movie. Proximity during first dates can be an interesting thing. I felt like I was a teenager again trying to decipher his movements. If you heard the things I was saying to myself in my head you'd be laughing right there with me. Here I am, a grown, independent woman, and I'm trying to figure out why he's starting to rub my arm! Honestly, it was like I was in middle school and forgot everything I've learned in the many years of dealing with boys men.

I was in a sad state haha, and needless to say I haven't heard from him since. 

Were some of your first dates awkward? Do you have any good first date stories?


  1. I love your honesty in this post. I agree that first dates are always awkward. My first date with Andrew, we were cock blocked by a friend of his who saw us eating dinner. His friend decided to sit down and eat with us - and then he (the friend) walked me home! But, if it's supposed to work out, despite how awkward it is, it will :)

  2. You're brave! I avoided first dates like THE PLAGUE. Group date anyone?;)