Thursday, October 3, 2013

throwback: the AIM days

Long before the days of tweets, hashtags, facetime, and facebook, there was AIM. Though I started on AOL, I made the switch to AIM when I was a freshman in college. There, EVERYONE used AIM, or left a note on the whiteboard outside your dorm room. Texting wasn't big, and we definitely didn't have smart phones.

I remember spending hours browsing websites looking for the perfect quotes to put in my profile. I would then spend even more time manipulating the fonts, adding colors, and links to my "subprofile" or "webshots".

There were also the days spent analyzing your crush's away messages: is he talking about me? is it another girl? what does it mean?!

Or, if you really had something on your mind, you just had to put it up as an away message. There was always the mysterious and obnoxious 'blank' away message. That one always got me.

I had so many saved away messages listed under categories like lyrics, randoms, quotes, tv, greys, funny, or saved. AIM was the reason I never got any work done in college. I constantly needed to be on my computer chatting and editing.

I now see twitter as the new form of AIM, and that's probably why I enjoy twitter so much. It takes me back...

Do you remember using AIM?


  1. yup!!!! AberPrincess69 - yes...I went there hahahah and I wasn't old enough to even really know the significance of 69. GEEZ...............

  2. Ah I loved chat rooms. Which thinking back now is just creepy!

  3. omg AIM made up my whole childhood. I would send countless hours on there. Oh, memories LOL

  4. Haha I loved AIM! I did the same exact things with mine. Finding the perfect quote was a must. :)

  5. Oh my goodness! I was all about AIM in middle school. So funny thinking back to that, haha.