Friday, November 8, 2013

feel good friday: tv show nostalgia

This week I had a case of tv nostalgia for shows from the end of the 90's. Can you guess which two are pictured above?

My roommate and I were having such a laugh talking about the shows we missed, how great they were, and how old we've become. I then had to find these shows online and re-watch them.

The first show had me cringing at how awful the acting was, granted it was a soap opera. But, I remembered how much I loved this show with its wacked out storylines and ridiculous characters. This should take you back.

The second show I bought on dvd a few years ago, re-watched the first two seasons, and loved the show even more. I was obsessed with the WB during the late 90's, early 00's, and this show was the perfect companion to my Buffy worship. What I didn't get the first time around was just how good it was for that period of television. Case in point: this scene from the pilot episode. Chills, especially with that song.

Which shows are you nostalgic for?


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