Friday, November 22, 2013

recipe help!

It's been a rough week riding the pine so to speak as I was sidelined with flu-like symptoms. I've been drinking plenty of c-boost juices, and making as much soup as my pots can handle, but I'm slowly getting better. That explains the lack of posts this week and lack of pictures in this one. Now, on to my dilemma...

My friend is hosting a "Friendsgiving" on Sunday, and I'm in charge of making a couple dishes. I've found a sweet potato one, but I'm in need of a really good cranberry recipe. Not sure what I'm looking for, just something Thanksgiving-y that I can make as a side.

I'm hoping you have some ideas, recipes of your own, or links to some of your faves.

Thank you! And enjoy your weekend. I'll be seeing Catching Fire in IMAX, tissues in hand for both my running nose and impending tears, and cooking away.

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