Monday, December 9, 2013

acknowledging your faults

It can be difficult when people say we should 'accept our faults'. A fault is a personal shortcoming,a weakness in character. People are different. People deal with things differently. Some faults may be easier to accept than others. I prefer to say that I should 'acknowledge my faults', put them on paper, solidify my negatives in writing in order to move forward. For me, if I write it down, it becomes a physical object, something I can see, and therefore begin to understand.

I have always mentioned here that writing is therapeutic for me, and this little exercise is no different. I did this many years ago when I was journaling more frequently. I sat down in front of my mirror, looked at myself for a couple minutes, then began to write down the faults I found, and not just physical things. I wrote down each one that I was feeling as I stared ahead. I didn't do it to nitpick myself, put myself down, or feel badly about myself. I did it because I was at a transitional point in my life where I was just beginning to understand who I was, and who I knew I wanted to be. I was critically analyzing the things I believed I could work on in the future. 

Of course I couldn't figure out everything. I think there will always be things that I consider faults, but I don't think we would be who we truly are if we didn't have these things. I think it's more about self discovery and awareness that leads to growth.

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  1. It's good to acknowledge your faults - but also know you are probably the only person that sees them <3