Thursday, December 5, 2013

facebook is now online dating?

Lately, I've been getting a lot of random facebook requests from random guys. Usually, if I have a few friends in common I accept the request because hey maybe I somehow know this person. However, I believe this has turned into an awkward online dating thing. If I wanted to do online dating I would just join plenty of fish...again (stories for another post!)

Yesterday, I had a request that I accepted. Shortly after hitting the accept button, said dude, sent me an eloquent message saying 'hi'. I responded, and he continued to make small talk, asking what I was up to, if I worked today, all in poor online slang grammar "wat". Soon, he asked if I ever return to my hometown, and then proceeded to ask me out for drinks or dinner. I asked if I had met him before, he said he believed so, I didn't. He claimed it could have been in a restaurant/bar, but not in a downtown area. Ok, I thought, this guy must know something. I didn't press it. Then, he concluded the thrilling conversation with 'i'm tired'.

There's got to be a better way to ask a girl out, right? I typically question guys' judgement, and this one is just strange. I looked this morning to see if we're still friends, and looks like he hasn't hit the de-friend button yet. And people still wonder why I'm single haha.

Have you had any strange or awkward date invites??


  1. Welcome to my life problems with tinder. Daily.

  2. Online can be either really good or horribly bad. I met my current boyfriend on plenty of fish but I had to go through a bunch of creeps and weirdos to find him LOL.