Friday, December 6, 2013

feel good friday: emotions

This week has been an emotional one. My visit to South Carolina was the first since my grandfather died in July. We visited the hospice center where he spent his last days, and viewed the memorial wall that includes his name. It was tough seeing my grandmother break down a few times, but I think being surrounded by most of her family helped.

The news of Paul Walker's tragic passing was such a shock to me. He was one of my favorites growing up as a teen, clipping his picture up in my locker, and wishing I could meet a guy like him. I'm still a bit broken up about it, and I never even met him. I think it's because the accident was so awful, and they keep showing him in the news.

It sounds ridiculous, but I was incredibly emotional at the major death on The Walking Dead this week. I was full on sobbing at the television.

And then just yesterday the world lost Nelson Mandela.

It's tough to feel good when you have such emotions, but to put it in a positive light, feeling so strongly about something to the point of tears just shows how much you care.



  1. If it makes you feel better - I have cried three days in a row over Paul Walker. So Tragic :(