Friday, December 20, 2013

feel good friday: loving your blog again

I'm sure many bloggers go through this at some point. That time when you've hit a road block with your writing, you're not feeling it anymore, and you question where things are going. For me, I struggle with coming up with topics that people would want to read. I've never been good at writing about myself for others or sharing a lot of my life, but I'm working on it.

What I like to do when I've hit that roadblock is work on my blog design. It gets my creativity flowing, and forces me to take a good look at the blog. I get excited again, and hopefully that transfers over to the content. This week I updated my design a bit, made a new button, and created a couple pages. And it worked. I feel better, rejuvenated, and ready to write again. What helps you when you're in a blogging rut?




  1. i need to do this. though I don't know how. i want to redesign my blog...and maybe that will get me to love it more again. i feel like i am in a funk.

    ps - i didn't capitalize one i in this comment. :P

  2. I am working on a new design for the new year. I totally agree that it helps!

  3. cute cute design!! i like to write out my ideas with dates next to them...i also sneak around on pinterest too. Just think about what you would like to read on others blogs and do that :)

    have a happy christmas!!

  4. A new design always works for me! I think also seeing encouraging comments makes me more motivated to keep up with my blog. Your new button looks great!

  5. I wish I could revamp my blog for fun on my own, but I'm just not that talented, dang it. Love your updates! And I just added your cute new button to my blog sidebar. :)