Friday, December 13, 2013

feel good friday: santacon!

It's the most wonderful time of the year: santacon! This will be my third year doing the santa stroll. It's a christmas themed bar crawl, which I believe started in NYC. Participants are encouraged to dress as santas, or other creative christmas outfits. I go as a sabre santa for our hockey team, though we're awful this year so I may need to put a disclaimer on my hat like last year (see above, said 'in negotiations' because the nhl lockout was still happening).

It's such a fun bar crawl with everyone dressed up and in the holiday spirit. The bars also play christmas music and everyone sings and dances along. Free drinks and prizes are given out, and I heard talk of Moe's being there to give out tacos. The event starts tomorrow around noon, though it's only supposed to be around 20 degrees out!

Enjoy your weekend!

Have you ever done a santa bar crawl?


  1. This sounds like something that I need to participate in! So cute. Have a good time and stay warm!

    › xo fal •

  2. haha hilarious! they had this in SF last week, i should have gone! XO

    the well-traveled wife ♥