Thursday, December 12, 2013

the kind campaign

About a year ago, after watching the Emmy's, I started following Lauren Paul (Aaron Paul's then fiance) on instagram because I thought she was just gorgeous, and loved her style. Then I realized she was part of something called the Kind Campaign, which is an organization designed to help stop bullying between girls. Lauren and her friend Molly created the foundation, and made a documentary, Finding Kind, where they traveled across the country to talk to girls about the bullying they've experienced.

Though I was never really bullied in school, I was made fun of a lot. I was never popular or unpopular, I was just sort of there. I never felt a need to fit in, though I did hide my quirkiness a bit. But, I now see these young girls and how cruel they can be to themselves and each other, and it's awful. I really appreciate what this campaign is doing, going in to schools, talking with young girls, and getting the word out.

It can be amazing what one act of kindness can do.

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  1. love this. i was picked on in middle school like crazy and kept to myself for a long time because I was so embarrassed. we need more people like these ladies out there spreading the word!!!