Wednesday, December 4, 2013

travel woes

Well, I made it back from South Carolina on Monday...and my luggage made it back on Tuesday. Half of me loves traveling, seeing new places, discovering new things. And then the other half dreads it, lost luggage, lack of sleep, odd places to put on makeup.

Southwest failed me yet again this week. On my last flight in July, my luggage didn't make it back with me. And then they did it again. It's such an awful feeling when you're waiting anxiously for the carousel to wheel your bag around. You keep craning your neck, hoping it will come. And it never does. Plus, the fact that you're already miserable because you've been delayed for hours doesn't help. But, now I've got all of my stuff, and I'm finally back to work!

Do you have any terrible travel stories??

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  1. Have you had issues with SW before? I usually only travel SW and never have an issue (besides delays)! I've never had my luggage not show up with me either; how inconvenient!

    › xo fal •