Wednesday, December 11, 2013

wings & things: pros and cons of the VS Fashion Show

Another year, another night to see the gorgeous ladies of Victoria's Secret strut their stuff down the runway. Personally, I enjoy the show, but I can also see the things that are wrong with it.


  • The costumes. I love seeing the creative costumes that the girls wear each year. I would love my own set of wings to strut around my apartment in.

  • The hair and makeup. The stylists always do a fantastic job on the girls. The tousled waves, skin shimmer, and sultry eyes are beautiful.

  • The fitness. I liked that they've added a segment about how the girls get in shape for the show, stating that they train like athletes for this. Yes, genetics plays a huge role in why these girls look the way they do, but at least they show that they have to work to keep their bodies fit. Some of the more famous angels have had several children and their bodies look amazing!

  • Body image issues. I wish there was a disclaimer on the show that says something like 'less than 1% of the population looks like this'. Only a few women naturally look like the angels. I'd hate to see young girls get down on themselves, or hurt themselves, because they don't look like these girls.

  • Adam Levine. Is he always there? Is his standard of women only VS women? He just creeps me out.

  • Unrealistic expectations. This kind of goes along with the first bullet, but I can see how young girls could have highly unrealistic expectations of beauty due to this show. The cameras are always sure to highlight the men in the crowd ogling over the girls.

  • Personalities. I know they try to showcase the girls in a more casual way, having them talk to the camera, or tell stories about their lives, but some of them can come off as snotty, stuck up, or dumb. Maybe it's just editing, but I wish they would show these women in a more positive and intelligent light.

What were your thoughts about the show??


  1. lovely post

  2. I actually thought that this year's show was much better than previous years!!! But I agree those girls are not human - but they are a good motivator to head to the gym haha!! I also thought the music was really good this year!