Wednesday, December 18, 2013

year in review: five things that blew my mind

It's hard to believe that 2013 is coming to a close soon. For most of the year I didn't even realize it wasn't 2012. The years tend to blur together as you get older. There were, however, a few things that blew my mind...

Two of my closest friends from high school got married this summer, weeks apart actually. I'm now the only solo one out of our group of four. It's pretty surreal.

Little did I know that at the VMA's this year, my teenage self would shrill in glee over the appearance of five aging dudes waving bye, bye, bye. It was such a glorious sight.

Ever since I went in 2008, I had dreams of going back to the UK. Literally, I would dream about going to the airport only to wake up in New York. This summer I finally made that dream a reality, and it was one of the best trips. I met loads of people, had plenty of cider, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I saw pictures of this delicious treat throughout the internet, and on many blogs. They looked delicious, but I was confusing them with the macaroon which had coconut in it. In London, I decided to buy some at one of the shops we visited. Oh my god are they delicious. When I got back home, I couldn't find a place that made them, so I had to resort to etsy to get my macaron fill. It's becoming an expensive obsession!

This girl is a genius plain and simple. Why? Because, she has everyone talking about her regardless of whether you like her or not. This was her year. Hey, she even made my list. I try to like her, but then she goes and does something that makes me shake my head. Ohh girl?

What were some of the things that blew your mind in 2013?


  1. let me tell you about macarons. i had never had them before until last year. i had these salted caramel ones...and now the shop that made them is closed. I NEED THEM. they are amazing. Maybe we should get together and learn how to make them! :)

  2. I still can't get over it. But Paul Walker leaving this earth blew my mind. The world is just not as pretty anymore!

  3. Ah, NSYNC! Love! The royal baby also blew my mind... I can't help it, I am kind of obsessed with them :)

  4. Great list. I can't really think of anything off the top of my mind, but I'm definitely going to think about it!

  5. The NSYNC reunion was definitely a highlight for me…and I may have scared my husband with my high pitched screams!! haha I think Paul Walker was for sure a sucker…and living in Boston, the Boston Marathon week was pretty surreal!