Tuesday, January 7, 2014

a no judgment zone

Last night as I watched The Bachelor, a show that's now become 'just how crazy can these girls get', I thought about casting judgment and how women view one another. The Bachelor is like the perfect storm of a social experiment for the things wrong with how women treat other women. Throw in a good looking guy (I mean really good looking, have you seen Juan Pablo?), and the cattiness is off the charts.

One girl in particular got me thinking. Lauren H. claimed that she's really outgoing and fun, but as she found herself thrown in the pile with 26 other women, her insecurities really came out. She became introverted and overly emotional, becoming the first girl to cry, therefore the first girl mocked for her tears on twitter. And there I was, laughing at her misfortune, and thinking how pathetic she seemed. And that's awful and wrong. I probably would have felt those same insecurities if I was mixed in with gorgeous women, some sophisticated, others not so much, but all intimidating. (My friend is determined to get me on the show, ha!)

Unfortunately, through life experiences and society, we as women inherently judge each other. It comes so easily and thoughtlessly that it becomes difficult to take a step back, to really think about why we're so harshly critiquing another person. You can never fully know what someone is going through based solely on their physical appearance, which is usually the first, if not only thing, that women judge one another on.

As guilty as we are of this, it's a difficult habit to break. Maybe, if for every judgment we make, we instantly reflect on the reasoning for it, we can start to prevent those thoughts from occurring so easily. A no judgment zone. It's only a small movement toward change, but it could be enough, at least for now.


  1. Here, here!


  2. Apparently that girl had the engagement broken off very close to when she came on the show. No wonder she was a wreck - not sure how or why she would do that to herself. She clearly wasn't ready. I like the lawyer the best so far.