Thursday, January 16, 2014

being a female sports fan...

my first college football game | instagram no easy task. I could write enough on this topic for it be a series, but for right now I'll focus on men's judgment. I read an article yesterday on about the gorgeous Margot Robbie being a NY Rangers fan. In the comments, there was this guy...or troll:

"There is no such thing as a REAL female hockey fan. It's not possible. Girls tend to like sports (in this case hockey) because they either think a player is cute, they have some sense of nonsense pride in where they live, or a combination of the two...They want to act like their die hard fans, but when off-sides is called, they're asking everyone why the game stopped. GTFOH with that BS, leave the man's game to the men."

Unfortunately, I've faced this a lot in my life. I love sports, always have. In grade school, I was the one playing football with the boys at recess. I grew up watching and playing sports, and yet I constantly have to validate that knowledge. For some reason, when I mention hockey or college football things to many guys, they immediately say 'prove it' or 'name more than five players on the team' to show them that I'm a 'real fan'. Now, I know not all men are like this, but in my experience many are initially like that to me at my mere mention of the word sport.

Usually, they end up a bit taken aback by what I know, but I shouldn't have to prove it all the time. Guys should just accept that a girl has a legit amount of knowledge about the game, instead I've had to hear 'how would she know that' or I had 'how do you know hockey' yelled in my face before. Though, the looks of surprise/terror/astonishment never get old.

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  1. PREACH! I totally get that all the time too. They always ask me, "Oh do you like that team because your husband likes that team?" Um no, I have my own brain thank you very much.