Tuesday, January 28, 2014

glasses, oh my

I rarely wear my glasses, mostly because I feel weird in them, and have always worn contacts outside the house. Well, that will be changing for the next three weeks because I have some eyelid issue that requires steroid eyedrops and no contact usage.

If you wear glasses daily, I commend you! This has not been easy. I couldn't see myself in the mirror when trying to apply my makeup this morning. I just sort of guessed, and then hoped the rim of the glasses would cover up the smudged-up-winged-eyeliner look I've got going on.

My eyes also feel very tired with glasses. I drank my coffee very quickly in the hopes that it would perk me up. It hasn't. I'm yawning as I type this.

I feel strange, but I suppose it's a better alternative than leaky eyeballs and infection. Awesome.


  1. So funny you blogged about this because I literally JUST bought a pair of glasses. This is the first time I've bought glasses in six years. I even told the saleswoman that I only plan to wear them at home. I also only wear contacts.

    Glasses look good on you though!

  2. I always wished I had glasses. Haha. You look cute in yours. :)

  3. I've had an eye infection from wearing contacts so I know how your feeling.