Wednesday, January 8, 2014

inspiration: feeling big hearted

Apologies in retrogress if yesterday's post was a bit too debatable? opinionated? contemplative? But it was just something that I felt strongly about in that moment. And, apparently, that moment has carried over because I'm still thinking about how to be a kinder, more thoughtful person.

I suppose I've found my project this new year: not only to work on empathy, but to also spread kindness, and extend it to my blog. I want my blog to be one that fosters and supports positivity and thoughtfulness, while still being fun and a bit sarcastic. Maybe it's a big task to take on, but it gives me a good feeling just thinking about it. So, here's a little inspiration for the mid-week.


  1. I loved your post from yesterday, I even wrote about it in my post for today!


  2. Love this! Always good to promote positivity and kindness towards others! We can all stand to do it a bit more.