Tuesday, February 25, 2014

a show you should be watching: teen wolf

Ok, ok, I know I said teen wolf, but hear me out! This show is so good, and has come a long way since the first season three years ago. I first started watching after I read about how great season one was. I was even fearful of mentioning that I watched this show because it sounded so awful. I thought, ehhhh it's called teen wolf AND it's on mtv, but my mind quickly changed after those first twelve episodes. It's smarter, fresher, and more different than the typical 'teen/paranormal' shows out there. It continues to get darker, scarier, and more intense as the seasons progress.

Currently, they're in the back end of season three, and to say it has been amazing season so far would be an understatement. Many people in many different age ranges watch this show, and call it one of the best on tv right now. The characters, the actors, the plot are all beyond what I thought/expected an MTV show could do.

I no longer have any qualms about suggesting it to anyone. It's definitely worth a shot. And if you already watch it, then yay, because I don't know anyone else who does (my friends are obviously not following my advice)!

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  1. Love this show! I've gotten a ton of my friends hooked on it already.