Friday, February 14, 2014

feel good friday: love you this vday

V-day can be a tough one regardless of whether you're single or not. Some people just don't like that ooegy gooey love stuff. Some people may not understand why we should just devote one day of the year for love. Some people also seem to like saying #foreveralone because that was already trending on twitter this morning.

Whatever the case, this year I'm going to give myself some love, because...why not? I'm going to buy myself a dinner, maybe get myself a present, and focus on the good things going on in my life. Actually, I'm going to buy some USA gear, get takeout, watch Miracle, and have some wine with friends.

Either way, I'm going to feel good this valentine's day because I see absolutely no reason why I shouldn't! What are your plans for this day? 

SIDENOTE: If you want some awesome looking vday cards, check out this mean girls inspired ones on buzzfeed!

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  1. happy valentine's day! lovely post!