Friday, February 21, 2014

feel good friday: usa vs canada

Today is the day. Four years of waiting for redemption. The game has finally arrived. Ok, so I'm being a bit dramatic but the USA is playing CANADA today! Last time, they won gold and left us with silver in a heartbreaker. Just yesterday, the US women's team lost the gold to Canada in an even bigger heartbreaker.

My love of hockey and the olympics make this an awesome day. I'm wearing my usa hockey shirt to the office as I've made it a casual friday. I'll be proctoring two tests during the game, so I brought my laptop, and I'm hoping I don't make too many noises while the students are trying to take their tests haha.

I'm feeling good now, but that could all change come 3pm. Did I mention this is only a semi-final game, and we aren't even playing for a medal yet? So, I'm just going to be positive, and think 'stand tall, fly straight, USA all the way!!'

Ok, sports rant over. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. We're going to kick your butt :)

    I've just been dying to say that to an American since the Olympics started. All in good fun, of course!