Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the bachelor: we need to talk about that exit

source | those faces are everything

Last night, Andi the Attorney, won The Bachelor. Ok, so technically she removed herself from the final three ladies, but clearly with that exit she won. After the always creepy overnight date, she woke up, and told the confessional that she couldn't wait to get out of there. She went on to say that JP never asked her questions about herself, rather continued on with his own stories and name drops. FINALLY, a bachelorette who has not fallen for all of the extreme dates, weeks-long road to engagement, and fantasy suites!

Andi was completely justified for calling JP out on not knowing anything about her. And he, being completely dismissive, kept telling her 'it's ok', 'it's fine', 'thank you for being honest'. No, dude, she's telling you that she's leaving because of you and that you shouldn't feel ok about that. JP blamed his lack of english skills, which I think was an easy excuse for him, and probably infuriated Andi even further. While Andi was in the van on her way home, JP was telling the final two girls that Andi left because she didn't like him anymore. What?!?

While this season has been quite awful, I am very happy that they showcased two bachelorettes (Andi and Sharleen, the Canadian opera singer) with strong character, class, and a certain amount of apprehension when it came to JP. Obviously, he's been a pretty weak bachelor, and appears to only be in this for future fame, so good on these women for seeing that and not falling for it. I had to watch clips of Sean and Catherine to remind myself that good couples can actually come out of this (love them!). I promise I'm done talking about tv this week!

What did you think of the two night bachelor extravaganza? 


  1. Oh my goodness! I completely forgot it was on last night!!!!!!!! Ahhhh. I'm so frustrated. I have to go find this online like, yesterday... Thanks for the recap though. Go Andi!

  2. I COMPLETELY agree with you. I was like, "you're kind of a douche bag JP". I think we need a strong, independent, and intellectual bachelorette next. My vote is Sharleen or Emily from Ben's season.

  3. Oh my gosh I am catching up on it now and I can't believe what I am watching. I thought JuPa was bad with his public shaming of Clare (even though I don't like her) but he's worse than I ever thought! I hope Renee bails out next...

    1. JK about renee... I had no idea that he was going to send her home! So crazy!

  4. I don't watch it anymore but I hope Andi is the next bachelorette!