Thursday, February 13, 2014

throwback: that time my voice was on abcfamily

Back in the summer of '03 there was a little gem of a show on abc family called The Brendan Leonard Show. It was a goofy show about some guys and what they did over the summer. At one point, the guys were having a contest called 'win a date with brendan leonard'. Three girls were selected and had their 'dates' air on the show.

I was online in the BLS show chatroom because what else would I be doing as a freshman in college. Brendan was going to be taking questions about the dates from viewers. So, I posted a couple questions, got an email, gave out my phone number, and the next thing I know Brendan Leonard and his friends were calling my dorm. He had me ask a few questions about one of the girls, then we had chatted for around 15 minutes about college, the show, the guys, and whatever else. I hung up and my roommate went crazy with excitement.

I didn't think anything would come of it. A few days later the episode aired. You saw the guys sitting around a phone, then you hear my name and my voice asking 'did you like clarissa's new haircut?'. And that was that. Instant celeb. My .02 seconds of fame flashed before my eyes. Haha jk. My roommate and I were probably the only people on campus that watched the show because as we told everyone we knew, no one said a word, and just kind of gave that half smile like 'ohhh ok that's cool'.

Did you ever watch The Brendan Leonard Show??


  1. I have no idea what show that is but that's so awesome! You should have gotten royalties!

  2. haha that is awesome! However I have never heard of that show :)