Thursday, February 20, 2014

throwback: when my friends weren't having babies

As my friends and I were getting older, I knew the day would eventually come when 90% of them would be pregnant. We passed the married phase years ago. It can be a bit difficult being the single girl amongst a group of married friends. Sometimes they feel badly for you that you're not where they're at, or sometimes they feel the need to match you up with a friend/co-worker/brother/anyone they meet etc. While I don't mind my singleness and lack of child, it can be tough to find friends that want to hang out, let alone have the time to.

People often say that I don't like babies because of my fear of them, which is mostly true, though I'm getting better! But, honestly, I think my friends' newborns represent a turning point in our friendship, which is the part that scares me a little. My friends' lives are changing, while I seem to be stuck in our past friendship simply because we're at two different places in our lives. I know that must seem completely selfish, though my friends are like my family. I probably sound like the Stephanie Tanner middle child syndrome here. Sigh.

I have to hand it to my married friends with babies though. These women are amazing. They've shown me how strong, beautiful, and caring they can be. I should probably tell them that more often.

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  1. My very best friend is also single and I am making sure she is included every step of the way. She has been so awesome during my whole pregnancy. Sure our dynamic will change a smidgen - I just tell her a baby will be accompanying us from now on!