Monday, February 10, 2014

when a movie stays with you: lone survivor

Yesterday, I saw Lone Survivor, a war movie based on the true story of SEALs in Afghanistan, starring Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hershe, and Ben Foster. The movie was well done as the actors said they were breathing life into people who had lost theirs. My dad kind of passed down to me his love for military history and movies. I enjoy watching war movies because it gives me a closer look at understanding why/how people willingly give their lives, and the horrors that can occur on the battlefield. Some may call that morbid, but I look at it as trying to comprehend and appreciate what people have done for their country.

Beliefs aside, watching what those men had to endure was brutal, yet poignant. The lone survivor of the failed mission was heavily involved with the production of the movie. He is in many of the interviews with the cast and director, and hearing him speak of the incident is extraordinary. He also wrote a book about the ordeal which I plan on buying for my dad.

After watching Lone Survivor, I had this sickening feeling, but wanted to learn more about the people who died. I'm still thinking about them and that movie now. Yes, some scenes were difficult to watch, knowing that these characters were real people with real families. But, while I was crying for these people that I never knew, I couldn't help but think about those that serve/served our country, and especially the family members they leave behind at home. If you are one of those people, you have my utmost respect, truly.

Have you watched a movie lately that stayed with you long after the credits rolled?


  1. My husband watched this without me! Argh, looks like a have to schedule some alone time to make sure I watch it!

  2. I know this is completely not on the same page but I have never been the same after I watched the movie has seriously scared me for life.