Thursday, March 20, 2014

how you identify yourself

The other day I was talking with a couple friends about random things, when one declared herself 'a bitch'. The way she so matter-of-factly proclaimed that, made me ask her if that was something to be proud of. She quickly responded that it's just her personality. I told her I think the focus should be about kindness, and that as we get older, judging people or being nasty to others shouldn't be a main agenda. She seemed a bit taken back by my comments.

It had me thinking about how and why we define ourselves. Why did said friend just concede to the fact that she considered herself a bitch because that's just how she is? Obviously, in the context of the conversation, she knew it to be a bad thing, yet she didn't see anything wrong in defining herself that way. She simply accepted it like there was never going to be another option or another way.

Sure, everyone may have a mean streak, or an angry side, but identifying yourself solely as such just seems so sad to me. With all of the negative and awful things out there, wouldn't being a nasty person just seem exhaustive and not needed. Granted, no one is a saint...well, technically, yes there are a few, but I think there's a difference between thoughtfully thinking about being a kind person, and actively being an unkind person. Certain things could make you act bitchy for a time, but you're not always defined as a bitch. Even other factors could be in play here like; low self-esteem, how a person was raised, resentment, etc.

It's a tough topic, without stepping on toes or trying to push someone into a place where they just can't go, but it's worth discussing, especially with young girls.

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